Ralph’s Blessing

While Sheena’s parents were visiting, Sheena and I made a whirlwind trip to Edmonton (my first) to participate in the ‘Premier’s Award‘ reception at the Jubilee Theatre.  An award was being given to Sheena’s work partnership, a mix-match of social agencies that work together reintegrating troubled youth into society.  From criminal justice, mental health and youth and family services (Sheena’s organization — McMan), all were recognized for their work tackling bringing youths back into the social fold after being in jail.   It was also one of Sheena’s first days in a suit!  We’re all proud of her and the great work she’s done for the past few years working with these youth one on one.   

4 thoughts on “Ralph’s Blessing

  1. Lookin’ HOT Sheena!! Nice choice of outfit, the brown looks good! Congrats on the award. It must have been awesome to be recognized for all the hard work you and your coworkers do, especially with your family there to cheer you on! I love the pics from your parents trip. They look good! Love ya bunches Dave and Sheens!


  2. Hey Sheena! You look smashing! Once again, congratulations on the award!
    Your hard work and effort have been appreciated by many!
    Love ya’………mom and dad D.


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