Grass Grovelling Grizzly Peak

Dsc04436Today, I headed out with Jeff to do Grizzly Peak in Spray Valley Provincial Park (Kananaskis
Country) .  We started early in the morning to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms that have been all too common lately in the eastern slopes and foothills area around Calgary.  So, after an early start, we made the steep but short trek from highway 40 to the top of Grizzly Peak.  Grizzly peak lies almost 50  kilometres south on Highway 40 from the Trans-Canada .  You can see it from the road, and its is  an outlier of Mount Evans Thomas, a looming steep mountain just to the east. 

Way_upThe hike is steep from the beginning, but fairly easy following a worn  game trail through the grassy slopes to the eastern side of the mountain.  The day couldn’t have been better for weather with a slight cloud cover, but incredible bright colours of grass, flowers and rock as we continued to the summit.  We were side tracked a slight bit on the way up as I followed the trail off into the grass a bit too far to the east.
We had to transcend the slippery side sloping green grass until we eventually cut north towardDsc04482 the looming saddle in front of us.  A steady climb for an hour and 45 minutes lead us to the saddle.  From there, we were presented with a  great mountain field and a few goats that were enjoying it.  To my surprise, the trip to the summit was also a grassy slope, taking a short time to
ascend.  The  views from the top
were spectacular (as usual in this area of Kananaskis) providing a great view of the Kananaskis Lakes and south to the Opal Range.  Going back was fun and quick as well, as we followed the scree slopes back to the grassy trail on the return trip.  Download video.
4 hours and great weather, not much else to ask for on a quick trip! Pictures on flickr as well.

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