Moving to Airdrie

Well, over the past couple of weeks, Sheena and I have been slowly packing up the apartment in anticipation of our move to Airdrie.  It’s been a long road of planning and scheduling all sorts of things that need to be in order: lawyers, contracts, services, packing, moving, renting, cleaning.  All sorts of fun (right!).  After all that, it’s down to the final week.  We’ll be heading out to do our walk-thru of the house, checking everything to make sure it’s a-ok.  After that, we’ll be signing a few papers with the lawyer probably near the end of the week and get the keys next Tuesday.  Of course, then will be the job of installing our own flooring (we bought some laminate) on the main floor before our moving day on June 29.   Sheena’s busy cleaning our apartment as I type.  You should see it, most of our stuff has been moved into the living room, with a small space for sitting, eating and watching tv in our downtime.  No photos for now as all the cables have been packed away…(oops).  We’ll have quite a few after the move I imagine.  Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Moving to Airdrie

  1. Dave & Sheena:
    Good luck on your move to Airdrie! I hope you will be enjoying your new home, as I know it will be hard to leave the apartment. As soon as you both get settled, please send your new address.


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