Snowshoeing Burstall Pass Trail

Dsc01433Dsc01407 On Monday, Dean, Boady and I headed out to Peter Lougheed Park in search for
some deep snow.
Well, we found it at the Burstall Pass trail.  In some places, the snow was over 4 -5  ft deep, easily 3/4s of a ski pole.  Lots of powder through the woods, we bushwacked (video)
a fair bit just for the fun of it. 
Boady enjoyed digging in the snow and bounding down the path we had made.  The weather was perfect and the sights were just as spectacular.  I finally got a good picture
of the glacier beside Mount Robertson.  I think every time I’ve got to the area, it’s always shrouded in a storm.  As it was a weekday, we had the trail to ourselves, making it an excellent 10Km outing.   More pictures of  Boady
on flickr.

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