Newfie on the mind

In late April, I’ll be heading to Halifax and then on to Newfoundland for a backpacking trip in the southwest coastal area of the island.  Ever since Kris and I planned the trip last year, I’ve been steadily getting excited to go.  It’ll be a 5 -7 day (return) backpack hike over the plateau mountains (time will depend on how long we decide to spend in each area).  Of course, weather and ground conditions will influence that as well.  More on that come mid-April.

Grosmorne_03_august_2000Grosmorne_45_august_2000Sheena and I have always had an interest in Newfoundland culture.  We can’t seem to get enough
of the traditional music, stories and lifestyle that we’ve encountered, watched, heardGrosmorne_43_august_2000 and read about.  We’ve found the culture and people very similar to Cape Breton and we can often identify with many Nflders we encounter, especially in Calgary.  I was originally hooked on Nfld culture and the landscape on my first and only visit
back in 2000.  During that trip, I headed to Gros Morne National Park for a memorable hiking experience with Kris and other friends.  Now that I’ve seen the Rockies and national parks in and
around Calgary, I’m still convinced that Gros Morne is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada.  The photos to the side are a few of the scenery from our trip 6 years ago.

This year, Sheena and a friend from her work had given me a few future trip-inspired gifts to read and listen to in the meantime.  Great Big Sea‘s new album The Hard and the Easy (with a great dvd included) certainly keeps me in the mood.   This week, I also found a great site to order traditional and contemporary Newfoundland music as well as sheet music.  I have a feeling this site will keep our ears busy.

I’m also reading a book, Against the Elements: Surviving in Newfoundland and Labrador’s Great Outdoors.  Its an interesting read, written in short story form as almost like an informal conversation about Cyril Goodyear’s experiences and travels throughout the province.  Cyril was an RCMP officer, lawyer and judge — so it has some neat connections to my criminology interests as well.  Cyril shares his backcountry knowledge about cooking, survival and outdoor pursuits.  Of course, canoeing and water exploits are the main focus, but it also has other contributions.  A fun read nevertheless.

Of course, as the time for the trip draws near, I’ll post more info on our plans with maps and the like.

4 thoughts on “Newfie on the mind

  1. A good book to get you in the mood for newfoundland bog plodding and icy river slogging is “Will Anyone Search for Danny?
    Written by a ranger about a ranger. Harbour Deep is similar to Petites as both are famous out-ports, however Petites (where we are headed) had the luxury of being close to another town.
    And we are going to be very cold and wet, get ready for it…


  2. Oh, believe me, the challenge in itself is half the attraction. Spring temperatures with snow and rain and wet ground, heheh, I’m thinking of spraying my legs with teflon.
    I’ll have to check out that book. I’m also looking for a song by JP Cormier, “Tragedy at Great Harbour Deep”, details what went on there…


  3. In your post back on March 2nd, you mentioned that you’d be coming to Halifax late this month, I wish you had more time to visit so I could at least say hello. Enjoy getting all your news.


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