Bowness: Best skating in town

Dsc01306Dsc01311After a recent cold snap in Calgary, Sheena and I went out to enjoy the smooth ice skating in
Bowness Park — located in Calgary’s northwest.  Both of us agree that Bowness park has  some of the best maintained outdoor skating in Calgary.   The ice in Bowness has about 400m by 75m of cleared and maintained surface, with fire pits and rubber walkout mats!  Plus, evening skating is possible due to the fairly big lights that surround the ice lagoon.  The ice is usually very busy during the daytime, but on evenings, we’ve had the whole area to ourselves — as it was last night. 

We also took yesterday to show our support for the Olympic team in Italy!  Go Canada!

One thought on “Bowness: Best skating in town

  1. Wow, your own private rink in the City of Calgary!! Imagine that! Where is every one else? Look what they’re missing. Imagine if we had that rink for our Annual Beaton Family Boxing Day Hockey Game.


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