Lack of choices

I’m not sure if others are feeling the same frustration with the current political climate in Canada as I am but, really, I feel there’s a lack of good choices this time around.  Why do I say that?  Perhaps I’m being a bit overly cynical, but just look at what the newest Canadian election has to offer. 

Number one? Well, we’ve got the Liberal party.  Mired in scandal and questionable dealings between ministers, government corporations and the like, we’ve all see it on TV for the past year.  All of these problems have generated a lack of trust in how the government is handling things behind closed doors.  Is this just the surface of a larger problem? We don’t know.  Liberal platforms are promising, and usually socially oriented.  I often approve of their positions on law and foreign affairs.  But should we punish them for their scandals?

Number two?  We’ve got the Conservatives.  I’ll agree with a few people and say that the Conservatives are largely a watered-down reflection of the christian-right US republicans and their policies.  I’ve heard more than a few times that they want to overturn legislation already passed by the Liberal government, such as same sex marriage and Kyoto.   Having a huge defence focus, I just can’t help but draw the lines between the US government and the Tories.  I like that we stand up to the US and having a new government that is more similar to them scares me a bit.

Number Three?  The NDP.  Historically clad in last place, the NDP often appears like the guy jumping up and down in the back of a room trying to get their word in.  Their social policies are centered toward the lower wage earners and children, which is great.  But at least in Alberta, I really feel that voting NDP is like throwing your vote away. 

Number four? The Green party.  Who knows what this party is about, I’ve heard them say a bunch of different things about everything — we know they focus on the environment, I think.

As a matter of fact, perhaps I’m frustrated at the Alberta political climate.  I’m wishing it was a tighter race throughout the province so that a vote wasn’t going towards a one-sided battle.  I always felt that in Nova Scotia, the races could go three ways….and that your vote actually mattered.  Here, well, it’s hard to say.  Sadly, I don’t know what I’m going to vote…and for the first time ever, I’ve considered not voting at all.   Its awesome to express your democratic right to choose a government, but its hard not to feel apathy about the whole situation.

With the Election only a week or so away, I’d be interested to hear what others have to say on the topic…

3 thoughts on “Lack of choices

  1. I’m another person that is confused on the whole election thing…to vote or not to. I agree that there should be consequences for anyone that lies or deceives a country especially when millions of dollars are concerned…BUT I also fear that if the conservative party is in charge they could change policies that Canadians should be proud of (ie going against US bullying and the Iraq war, and standing up for Kyoto). Its too bad that if people don’t vote PC or Liberal, and go for either NDP or Green Party, they throw their votes out. There should be more reliable choices, maybe have more confidence in NDP?? Who knows…..


  2. Well Dave I tend to agree. I have never been so confused over who to vote for. I just have no faith in anyone so far. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned knock on the door. Haven’t even seen anyone so far, and we vote on Monday!! Does our vote really matter? Let’s hope in the next 4 days I can become convinced that I have someone worthwhile to vote for.


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