Merry Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas from the MacDonalds and our Christmas visitors, the Andersons!  (Sheena’sDsc01154 sister)  Sabrina and Doug arrived December 23rd and since then we’ve had a world-wind of activities.  To sum it up, we decorated the tree at 12am on the 24th, had a mad day of cooking during the day of the 24th and attended a Christmas mass/service.  Then on Christmas Day, dinner with friends and family and a get-together for friends at work on the evening of the 25th, an excursion to Drumheller on the 26th and skating on Lake Louise on the 27th! As you might notice, we’ve got a range of climates in Alberta, with
bare and warm weather in the east prairie (Drumheller) and colder and
snowy western mountains.  But hey, it keeps it exciting! What more will
their visit bring? Well, we’ll have to see I guess…   Have a safe and
happy New Year everyone!Dsc01191Dsc01193Dsc01195Dsc01183




5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2005

  1. Happy Holidays! Glad to hear that the green Christmas didn’t knock you out of the Holiday mood. Love the pics….especially Dave trying to tackle the T-Rex (couldn’t you pick on someone your own size?). Best wishes for the New Year…2006!


  2. Happy New Year to you all!! Hope 2006 is as interesting as 2005 has been. I thought maybe you bought a new house, would be a bit cold eh Sheena. Then that thin ice sign, like how thick do they want it????
    Hey Dave you’re all set for the 2006 Calgary Stampede, who needs a horse when you have a T-Rex He He!


  3. Dave & Sheena: Happy New Year! All the best for 2006! You really are settling into the Alberta way of life, never a dull moment. Hey Dave, do you miss the Metro Transit rides?


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