Three Provinces, Family, Friends and Cape Breton Music = Great Vacation

Sheena and I have returned from our three week vacation in the east, our first trip home together since we were married.   We had an excellent time and it was by and large a big recharge session for both of us.   What did we do? Well, it was more like, what didn’t we do.  Let see: in New Brunswick, we went visited Sheena’s family, went to a fewDsc00793Confed_buildingDsc00785 markets and enjoyed a feed of lobster with Kris.  Later on, we built a HUGE fire on a familiar beach in the area.  That was a great night.  Sheena had her birthday and a big bash at her Mom’s place.  Also during our New Brunswick trip, we visited PEI for a day.  We walked downtown Charlottetown including Province house.    Sheena and I were also able to see Green Gables and some friends on the island.  PEI is so beautiful!  It had been my first time on the Confederation Bridge (Sheena is an old-pro), I see now why they call it the 8th wonder of the world. Dsc00978 Dsc00898

After a week and a bit in New Brunswick, Sheena and I traveled back to Cape Breton.  It was a whirlwind trip, filled with  many good times, including a square dance,  a night at the Red Shoe Pub,  a hike at Cape Mabou, a Piper’s concert, beach walks, visits with family and friends and a great time hauling wood  with Brennan, Sandra, Kyle and Johnny.   (Btw:  Kyle if you have those pics, send them to us please!).   Oh, also during ourDsc00937 time in Cape Breton, we made a  24hr trip to Halifax — where I defended my  Master’s thesis at Saint Mary’s.  It all went well,  including the party  afterwards!  We had a bite to eat at the Old Triangle, then Sheena and the girls (including my mom) went out for  music and beverages at the Lower Deck Pub on the Halifax Waterfront.  What made it really interesting that night was Alexander Keiths  210th birthday — and needless to say, the beer was flowing (and free!).   On the other hand, I skipped the bar night and opted for a late night donairDsc00958 with Kris and Matt.   

We’ve posted more pictures on Flickr, hope you enjoy them.  Thanks to everyone for their hospitality, visits and friendship — we had a great time back home!  Now, it’s back to work in Calgary. 

2 thoughts on “Three Provinces, Family, Friends and Cape Breton Music = Great Vacation

  1. Glad you two were able to make it home together! It was such a fun time, especially the Glencoe dance, hiking, and The Lower Deck! (gotta love that Keiths) Hope you both enjoyed all the good eats…lobster, turkey, donairs, brunch at Nana’s, and….the Pumpkin Tea Bread!!!!


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