Cape Breton, live.

If you’re wondering where we’ve been for the past while,  it’s easy…we’re in Cape Breton!  Visiting for a long while in New Brunswick and Cape Breton — we’re enjoying our first trip home together.   Our posts have been kept to a minimum (just one) , but we’ll be sure to post photos when we return to Calgary.

For now though, I wanted to share an excellent website and broadcast that I came across while going to a few of the Celtic Colours events while in Cape Breton.  It’s called Cape Breton Live and is an excellent opportunity to listen to quality recordings of celtic music played at live performances in Cape Breton.  They feature one ‘live’ performance a week, generally at events and activities that showcase East coast music artists.  Next week’s performance should be great (we watched it live in the Strathspey Place Theatre in Mabou).  It was  a collection of bagpipers from a variety of traditions, including Ryan MacNeil whom I had known in High School.  I believe this week features a cousin of mine, Andrea Beaton, playing at the West Mabou Dance.  Anyway, see their site for some great music every week:

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