Walking French Creek

Dsc00595Dsc00584On Sunday of the Labour Day weekend, Sheena and I headed out to Kananaskis Country for a nice little venture in Peter Lougheed Park.  Our trip would bring us to French Creek — an area that both of us had visited before — but not as far as we would go this day.  Sheena had been there a couple of weeks ago with a friend…and I had visited it with Sheena earlier this year in winter.   

The trail along French Creek is a scenic and beautiful one.  It lies next door to one of the more popular hikes in K-country, the Burstall Pass trail.  However, heading along French Creek is more enjoyable I’ve found…due to the less traveled trail and really, it’s more scenic.  The French Creek trail is about 7-9 kilometres in length, depending on how far you go.  Along the way the trail is housed by two big mountains, Mt. Burstall and Mt. Murray.  Walking along the valley between them, you’ll also find four large waterfalls, many smaller ones and at the end, glaciers.   

We had a great time.  In about 2 hours, we had reached the third waterfall and proceeded up up up toward the glacier.  Heading back was a bit wet, well…really wet.  A rainstorm blew in from the mountains and drenched us.  The hike back did have a bright spot though.  Sheena finally sawDsc00611 her moose.  Well, not her moose, but one that she could see while hiking…and prove at the same time.  For years and years, we’ve seen a few moose here and there, but never had the opportunity to get a good picture.  This one was happily eating alder bushes without a care in the world.  And, surprisingly, it stuck around despite Sheena’s past history with their kind. =)  The expression on her face was so priceless, I had to capture both.  You can see it all on flickr.

3 thoughts on “Walking French Creek

  1. Another enjoyable trip as we can see, only this one Sheena gets to prove that she’s seen a real live MOOSE!! What a sight! Not too far away either. I’m jealous!!


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