Kitchen Party!

One thing Sheena and I have been missing is a good ‘ol east coast kitchen party.   It’s interesting, out west, when people hear that we’re from the East Coast — they always relate a story of their own visit to the maritimes, usually  involving  a kitchen party, a good time at a bar in Halifax,  St. John’s or elsewhere, or a simple statement: ‘you guys know how to party’.   Kitchen parties or table slapping, foot stomping good times are hard to come by in the West Coast, and well we miss them and we’re still looking.

To bring back the memories, I wanted to post a song that embodies what a good party’s like by a now defunct Nova Scotian celtic band, Kilt.  Hope you enjoy it, its something that will have to tide us over until our next visit at  home.  Here ya go: Download raise_up_your_glass__kilt.wma

Speaking about tiding us over, if anyone figures out how to send one of these in the mail without spoiling, I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Party!

  1. Hey Sheena!
    Found your blog from Mike Trites’ site. Congrats on getting married! I bet Calgary is a lot better than Moncton! Looks like you’re having a lot of fun out there!


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