Calgary Stampede: Chuckwagons and more

Dsc00164This  weekend brought the arrival of a good friend from the east coast — Karen!  And with that, we were busy heading to the various first-day Calgary Stampede festivities.  Sheena and Karen checked out the Stampede parade, an enormous event with almost a two hour running time.  The highlights were the well-dressed park wardens, a sheepdog herding sheep along the route and of course, well dressed Mounties.  There were over 700 horses in the parade, making for some neat street sweeping before, during and after.Dsc00182

In the evening, we all headed to the Stampede Grounds to check out the ground’s events as well as see the Chuckwagon Races and the evening show.  We certainly had a great time.  The Chuckwagon races were exciting, although short.  It was so neat to see them take off, like a bat outta hell, and then race around the track, wind blowing and riders chasing after them.  I’d see that again anytime.  The evening show was just as spectacular.  With almost a 2hr and 10 minute show, full of fireworks, dancers, lights and great music and comedic entertainment, it was well worth our $15 ticket entry.  By far, it was probably the longest display of fireworks I have seen….and easily the best outdoor stage show I’ve seen as well.  Certainly deserves the name…‘Greatest outdoor show on earth’.Dsc00216

To see more photos, see our flickr site.  To watch a couple of neat videos, click either the Chuckwagons or the Stage Show finale. (FYI: For the dialup users, this may take a long time download. I’ll keep the videos on the site for a month or so, then remove them to save space.) Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede: Chuckwagons and more

  1. Hey Cowpokes! Lookin’ good in them hats. Now I’ll have to get one too, maybe on my next trip. Who’s that good lookin’ blond wearing the orange cowgirl hat…I think it’s my long lost roomie!


  2. Hey you two cowpokes look great!! Glad to see that you are enjoying the local activities these days. Saw a few of the chuckwagon races on t.v. Wow must be exciting in person!


  3. Dave & Sheena: You guys are really biting the Calgary experience by the tail!! Thank you so much for including me on your mailing list! It just seems like yesterday that Dave and I were riding Metro Transit. With the local car racing season underway here, I have been going out to the track for all the races, and get this, guys, my friend Steve (one of the drivers), made me part of his pit crew, and my name is on the car, tomorrow night, I get to be a passenger in it, should be fun. I enjoy all the Celtic Cowpoke escapades. Mum says hi to you both. Look forward to each new posting…T.


  4. Hey Guys!
    I really enjoyed my trip out West! The Stampede was amazing! Thanks for showing me around! I am looking forward to my next visit! P.S. the mini donuts are a must try at the stampede. Highly recommended!


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