A relaxing time at Panorama Resort

This past weekend, Sheena and I visited Panorama Resort in British Columbia as part of a delayedDsc00120_1 wedding anniversary trip.  Panorama is about a 3 hour drive from Calgary — heading west then southwest once in BC.  The nearby town in Invermere is touted as one of Calgarian’s most popular weekend getaways (there are quite a few richer folks who have bought ‘cottage (house)’ property nearby the lake).  The resort normally is a popular spot for winter getaways and skiing, but as of late has been an attraction to the summer crowd for outdoor activities including mountain biking, rafting, scrambling, golfing, hiking, etc.  Our weekend was planned as a little more relaxed than all the other trips we were taking, so we planned to do what we felt like for the weekend.

And well, doing what we felt like was great, it involved lounging in the hot pools, eating at restaurants, touring Invermere and area and a little bit of sightseeing.  Our highlight of the weekend was white water rafting with Kootenay River Runners, an operation based out of the resort.  We had a clear ball…and it certainly gave us a little taste of an activity we’d love to spend more time doing. (A special note to our guide, Dan…you were great!) As per usual, we posted the majority of the Dsc03957_1pictures on Flickr, so check them out there

Oh and thanks for all the cards and well-wishes! We’re now looking forward to another year of the Calgary Stampede.

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