Galaxie Diner: Good Eats

Dsc00006_1  Over the past year and a bit in Calgary, Sheena and I have sampled our fair share of restaurants.  The Galaxie Diner is one that we discovered while taking a walk through the ‘artsy’ part of Calgary’s downtown near 17th Avenue & 11St. SW.  Ever since we came across it, we’ve revelled in our return visits, enjoying the old-time 50s atmosphere and excellent food.  To go to the Galaxie Diner, you usually expect to wait in line for a seat in their small establishment.  But, the wait is worth it — Dsc00007Dsc00008 huge tasty and healthy breakfasts await you, all day long.  It’s a little bit pricey compared to other places, but you get what you pay for, and it’s nothing short of delicious.  We figured we’d share a few photos of one of our favorite spots to eat in Calgary.

3 thoughts on “Galaxie Diner: Good Eats

  1. What a nice looking place to eat. Nice decor! Great pic of you too Sheena, maybe that’s why the place looks so refreshing, look who’s there! We must put that spot on our list for next June’s visit to Calgary.
    Happy Canada Day!!!


  2. What a nice pic of Sheena! You two seem to be finding more and more interesting spots in Calgary! Hope you’re enjoying your long Canada Day weekend!


  3. Hey Calgary Kids!
    The Galaxie looks similiar to Steve’s Diner in Riverview. Should I ever find myself tying my horse up to a nearby hitching post, maybe we can “do lunch”. At least I recognize one of the patrons. Love to you both, the mamaxoxoxxo


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