2 Years Married: 4 Years later.


Sheena and David are two years married as of today! What do we have planned? Well, both of us are working for our anniversary, but we have a trip planned to Panorama Mountain Resort for the July 1st weekend.  Should be a good relaxing time. 

    In the meantime, we’ve created a special photo album featuring pictures of us from the last four years.  Feel free to check it out here.

4 thoughts on “2 Years Married: 4 Years later.

  1. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!! Aren’t you glad you both went on that pub crawl 4 years ago? June 4th is my favorite date as it’s the day I gained a sister. Hope you enjoy your weekend away, should be beautiful. Love you both bunches!!!


  2. Congratulations on two happy years! It just seems like yesterday that the three of us were having pizza together in your Shirley Street apartment. Have a great trip, think of you often!!


  3. Whoops, my bad, I knew it was the 5th, silly me…but wait where was I on that day 2 years ago…hee hee, just kiddin’. Happy 2nd on the 5th!!!!


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