Wild Flower Mountain

In an attempt to stay active outdoors without going on David’s death hikes I have summoned my good friend Shantell to be my new hiking partner. We had our first adventure this past weekend in the Sheep River Provincial Park.

We ventured out with the thought that our final destination would be Windy Point Ridge. However in taking a "shortcut " we ended up on a truly back country road (Gorge Creek Trail) wide enough for one car and a view big enough for thousands. The scenery was awesome
and every where we looked things were in full bloom and greener then ever. Needless to say as we neared the end of our dirt pathway we heard a mountain calling our names! Our thought was to climb to the top where there was an inviting rock ridge,
and bask in the hot sun while eating our lunch. Of course we were naive as to how steep this mountain actually was…..
The entire mountain was green! And if looked upon closely, one could see the thousands of colorful flowers speckling the mountain side. With that many flowers to document we were all set for water breaks:) To some our mountain may look like a hill but to us it was perfectly balanced.


Here are the panorama shots I took from half way up
and then at the top!


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