Just lately, I was reading about one of the more promising innovations of our time, the hybrid vehicle. It seems that every year, there is new progress on the environmentally-friendly transportation front, making it quite interesting to watch and read about.  I’ve posted a few articles ( 1 , 2 , 3)from Wired’s latest issue.  Reading about this stuff makes us hopeful for the future…(plus I have no problem with corporations competing to be more ‘green’– go Toyota!!).  When looking for our new car, Sheena and I flirted with the lure of the Prius.  We were very impressed with it (particularly with the new driving concepts and technology — yeah! a push button start!) and honestly, I was drooling for a test-drive.  The ultimate factor was that we wanted a more rugged interior for our many treks, but will consider the Prius in the future!

3 thoughts on “Hybrids

  1. Go Toyota…love how automobile companies are trying to help decrease the effects of fossil fuels. This tree hugger can’t wait to buy a hybrid!


  2. Do you know any place to get crokeno game pieces? My 90 year-old father said he has a board but no pieces. (he also said that a place in Cambridge Springs PA made the game back when he was growing up!!)


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