Well, this week, we were graced with a few visitors from home, my sister Laurena and my cousin Kyle.  Both came from different places to descend on Calgary: Kyle took the 8 hr bus ride from the oil rigs in Northern Alberta and Laurena travelled 8hrs via plane from Halifax.  We had quite a bit of fun while the two were here…and did a few things of interest.  One of the nights, we all went outDscn0516_1 for sushi — and it was Kyle’s first time eating it.  It made for some funny reactions to the raw fish a la chopsticks. Kyle’s visit also included a trip up the Calgary Tower, which was swaying due to the high winds.  From eye (stomach) witnesses (Sheena, Laurena, Kyle), the tower was swaying so much it felt as if it was a boat rolling in an ocean swell.  Never knew it would do that, but makes sense as well.Dscn0545_1

Later in the week, we made a 780km excursion around southwestern Alberta, among other things, to visit a friend of Laurena’s in Lethbridge.  Lethbridge was neat, particularly a long bridge that seemed to be from the old movies, perhaps even Indiana Jones fame.  We left Lethbridge and continued toward WatertonDscn0557 National Park.  Along the way, we found many many wind turbines near Cardston, only a small portion of the total windfarms in Alberta. What a sight those were.  Finally, we stopped in snowy Waterton before making our return trip to Calgary.  Laurena was able to see some mountains before she left and even a huge herd of elk, numbering over a hundred.

Well, thanks for the company Laurena and Kyle, we had alot of fun and certainly enjoyed your stay!


One thought on “Visitors!

  1. Hey, you forgot to post something about the big closet project, (can you send me the pics from your camera). Thanks for all the laughs in Calgary Kyle, Sheens and Dave! I had a good time cruising around downtown listening to East Coast music, touring Banana Republic (the green coat is on my xmas wish list, hee hee) and eating yummy raw fish (yeech). Love ya!


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