Jetsno: Jetsgo crookery

Well, Sheena and I don’t normally post on issues other than our activities out west as such, but this time…we felt it was somewhat applicable.  Having flown Jetsgo a few times to travel to and from home to Calgary and elsewhere and to know people that are ‘outta luck’ with tickets currently, we felt we had some stake in the matter to make a comment.

Primarily, I think the dramatic shutdown of Jetsgo’s operations was deplorable.  How the company left its customers high and dry with travel arrangements, canceling the existing tickets was unacceptable.  It was also however, in essence, criminal activity.  I heard rumors that Jetsgo was still accepting payments up until 11pm the night before the shutdown — obviously knowing full-well that they would be closing shop the next day.  How can anyone or any business accept monies for services that they know they will not complete? I would say that is certainly fraudulent practices — and another sad example of corporate criminality.  It is obvious that the Jetsgo executives have pulled a fast one on Canadians — in a last ditch attempt to reduce their payments to creditors upon declaration of bankruptcy. Just observing this situation from an outsider’s perspective, one tends
to compare this with other infamous corporate ‘calculations of worth’
where the consumers and citizens end up short (such as with the Ford
Pinto case, the Bhopal Disaster or more recently, the Firestone
Bridgestone tire calculation.) I hope Canadian authorities investigate this matter — currently masked as an abrupt shutdown of a company — and reveal what shady enterprises lie within the planning and execution of Jetsgo’s collapse.

Overall, it’s important that we look beyond what has happened on the surface of this shutdown…revealing that it wasn’t a typical closure of operations.

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Further comment:

It was also revealed that Jetsgo had at least 60 safety violations that Transport Canada was investigating.  Considering that Jetsgo has only been operating since 2002 — and has only 30 some planes — it is clear that there were shortcuts being taken with equipment and safety.  From news sources, these were also a reason for Jetsgo’s grounding.  It was only a matter of time before we had another tragedy that brought all this to light.

5 thoughts on “Jetsno: Jetsgo crookery

  1. Way to go Dave and Sheena!! Totally agree with your comments!! Jetsgo fares were too good to be true really. A business could never run for long on what they sold their tickets for. This guy has done this more than once. Why is it that these things are forgotten so easily?


  2. Regarding the ticket sales up to 11 pm the night before, bear in mind this was most likely through the internet using a credit card, therefore the credit card company would usually take on the debt for the consumer.
    I wonder if planes landed at the nearest airport mid-flight and left people stranded. Now that would be something…


  3. It was too good to be true, can you imagine having a real bargain flying inside Canada? What a joke! Their shutdown was as Dave said, criminal! The bigwigs at Jetsgo are certainly not suffering. Just another shot at the little people!


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