Thirst for home

A couple of years ago, I came across this song. Now, I think it really captures the essense of living away from home and that longing that never really leaves.  Both Sheena and I get chills everytime we hear it.  Figured we’d share it:

The Island
Jp Cormier

The heart of a young man is ruled by desire
It only climbs mountains if the next one is higher
Over the hillside and down through the glen
I have followed its calling back home again

Mile after mile I have searched but in vain
For the place where my dreams won’t be drowned by the rain
Over and over the lesson I’ve learned
Is the place I should be is where the home fires burn

Where the mountains are weeping and calling my name
And the sea sings a song of my fathers who came
To the Island the island
My heart will remain

Music and magic and friends by the fire
The memory of a place where the spirits are higher
Last looks at beauty and tears of goodbye
Live in my soul and burn in my eye


The road’s turning back now as time turns the page
I no longer fill the shoes of a younger man’s age
She let me go with her blessings back then
But I know she’ll be glad to have me back home again

Chorus X2

3 thoughts on “Thirst for home

  1. Actually I decided not to go, I figured I’d rather stick around here where the weather is below zero, and bloody cold! Who needs spring like temps? Me!!! Can’t wait to get to Calgary tonight, see ya soon!


  2. Hey, thank heavens it was via Westjet and not Jetsgo Laurena was booked on. I imagine she is sunbathing in Calgary by now. Who says the west is cold? What for 1 month maybe!! They should live where we have 3 1/2 seasons. Could say 4 but we don’t usually have much of a spring here in Cape Breton.


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