Snowshoeing Chester Lake

Yesterday, I headed over to the land of the snow in Alberta, Kananaskis Country. Specifically, I visited the Chester Lake area in Peter Lougheed Park. I went with a friend from work, Jeff.  It was his first snowshoe hike of the year, and quite a day for it.  It had been 11 degrees and made for excellent hiking weather.  The hike was pretty much uphill (as we had forgone the switchbacking logging road for a more direct route).  The snow was plentiful as well, I’d guess at 3 feet judgingDsc03076_1 by how deep the signage had been buried.  Chester Lake was frozen, but was nestled in a backdrop of mountains and snowy slopes. It was a shorter hike at about 2 1/2 hours including a break for lunch, but enjoyable. Dsc03069_1

I’m going ot be heading up here this summer, trying a repeat of a scrambling trek these guys made last summer.  (They biked up to the lake area, then summitted two mountains in the area, only to do a third down the road.  Lots of fun I imagine.)  Anyway, for us, it was a great day away from the city.

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