Kms or Bust

Well, call it foolish or not, but it’s a bet.  Starting February 1st — my friend Mr. Griffon and I will engage in a bet.  It’s essentially this: "Who can generate the most kms of exercise in 7-8 months."  The end date is in flux, as it depends on the first snowfall in Halifax.  Whenever it is, it ends.  So, from February 1st on, we’ll be recording our progress on separate websites — through hiking, biking, running, kayaking, scrambling, backpacking, whatever.  Occasionally, there’ll be a GPS track and map posted, to keep it interesting.  Otherwise, we’ll wait.  And the winner — a $100 gift certificate to outdoor gear.

You can find our lastest logs here:
and here:

And, a soundtrack that is quite appropriate (I don’t think Hank will mind).

6 thoughts on “Kms or Bust

  1. Good Luck and have fun Dave and Kris. Hope you don’t break your legs or hurt something, or you may need a gift certificate to a pharmacy instead.


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