17 thoughts on “D’OH

  1. Hey Dave, there’s two positives to that picture!
    1. No major injuries!
    2. Looking at it from an internet viewer’s point o’ view, it really doesn’t look too bad! Like #1 could have been worse!


  2. Yeah, you’re right. I’m hoping that it’s not that bad. Basically from the picture, you see that the front of the car is pretty smashed up. What I noticed was that the rad is broken from the caved in bumper, some of the washer fluid container had been pushed into the passenger wheel well. As well, the body panel on the passenger side will need to be replaced because it prevents the door from opening, etc. The kicker will be whether there’s damage to the engine. I did drive the car about ten feet to get it off the road and noticed no major problems with that. The tires are intact, all the drive train seems ok. Now, if my observations are correct and there’s no engine damage, it may not be a write off.


  3. Sorry to hear of your car accident, at least you’re in one piece, but the car isn’t..what a mess! I’m hoping it won’t be a write off, but I’m hoping the Matrix will be back in action again soon!


  4. Glad that you guys are ok, don’t want injuries to ruin any hiking plans. Poor Matrix…sniff sniff, hope it’s going to be ok in 2 months, I was hoping to test ‘er out! 😉


  5. Yeah, it’s a write-off. I just found out today. Despite being all ‘cosmetic’ damage (no damage to engine, etc), the insurance called it there.


  6. Heheh, that last comment, well, yeah. I laughed a fair bit. Good news, our insurance covered the replacement of a new car and all that. However, our new car is backordered 3 weeks till the first week of February. Apparently, its arriving in Winnepeg on the 26th of this month. As a result, we’ll probably have a rental car for that period of time…but if the good people at Charlesglen Toyota can put up some of it (due to the delay in the new car), maybe it’ll be minimal cost.


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