Return to the Cape

At the end of November and much to my enjoyment, I returned to Cape Breton Island for the first time in over a year of living out west.  I had been waiting to go home for the longest time, but work had kept me busy while I’ve been out here, and mostly keeping my trip home out of my reach. (In September, Sheena was able to make a trip home — so we decided we would switch this time.) So, after finally receiving some vacation time, I was able to book a flight — and begin my return home.  Then, excitedly, on the 26th, I hopped aboard a Westjet flight headed for Halifax. 

The flight home wasn’t as long as I remember it…due to a few reasons I figured. First, probably because it was a bit more enjoyable that my last few long trips across the country.  The first few were for job interviews (in an unknown land no-less) and being a bit stressful in that.  The rest, well, for other reasons — not to mention all the stress of moving across the country, starting a new job, finding a new place to live in under a month of planning.  So, needless to say, this trip was all about enjoyment.  Second, well, I was impressed with Westjet.  Most of my flights previously (if not all) were with Jetsgo.  Jetsgo was good and cheap at one time, and well, you get what you pay for — which aside from friendly staff is a cargo plane stuffed with seats.  Westjet however, was enjoyable.  Courteous and fun staff, free snacks and drink and the trip home was especially funny.  One of the flight attendants was a goofy Newfoundlander, who made all sorts of jokes throughout the flight and especially during the pre-flight safety lecture.  For those that travel often, this lecture is a necessary annoyance on every trip, but this guy made it hilarious.  And I should mention that as well, Wesjet had installed personal tvs in the backs of the seats, making the time go just a bit faster.  I also took a few pictures during the flight…the clear skies made for some fun sights of Canada.

After arriving in Halifax, I was met by mom and Laurena — and the trip was nearly done.  Along the way, we talked the whole 3 1/2 hour drive home about adventures out west, in the east and other stuff.  It was quite a drive.  And with our stop in to see Dad at the Brook Village Grocery, the trip was complete!  So, for the next few days, I took in family and friends from all over — ensuring that I got the most out of my time.

That weekend, Mom and Laurena and I visited Usiage Ban falls in Baddeck.  The (Ish-ka Bann) falls certainly are a beautiful sight while travelling along a casual trail into the start of the Highland Plateau. Later that day, we’d make more stops — visiting family, then heading to the West Mabou Square Dance.  For those that don’t know, these dances are a great chance to listen to music, dance your heart out and really, get great exercise.  The music doesn’t stop from 10pm – 1am — and well, the floor is movin’ the whole time as well.  Musicians from all across the maritimes come to play at West Mabou, which is a real treat and opportunity to hear various fiddlers and piano and guitar players.  I’d been waiting for a chance to go back for a whole year!  I had to take some pictures of course.  The next morning (although coming very early) was a visit to Nana’s for the great biscuits and family chatting.  I would repeat the same to my delight the following weekend.

For the rest of the week home, I did more hiking in Cape Mabou Highlands and near the West Mabou Beach.  Spectacular scenery and great hiking as well. A get-together at a cousin’s house in Long point, with mandatory Keiths and Wings…and 2am wrestling, sure hit the spot.  Thanks Brennan and Sandra!

A final part of the trip home was a reunion of sorts with my buds in Halifax (formally known as Epal).  We reminised about times past, present and future — and were sure to take in a few good eats at the Casino Buffet and KOD.  (What is a trip to Hfx without Keiths and Donairs?).  We even took a short hike with my sister and the gang out near Timberley — exploring the barrens that are west of Halifax. 

With all that, my trip home was complete.  It whizzed by, as all good times do, but I felt like I had done what I wanted to do…even though there’s always more you wish you could fit in.  I wanted to thank everyone for their great company and hospitality while I was home, it certainly warms the heart.  Sheena and I can’t wait for our trip home together, we’re certainly looking forward to more good times with friends and family. 

5 thoughts on “Return to the Cape

  1. Glad you had a good time in CB, I missed the hikes and celidhs with me bro! What’s with the maestro pic? Yikes. You forgot to mention the visit to Stoneybrook and Buddy’s new tape trick..hee hee, that will be a regular occurence. Merry Christmas!


  2. If I had known you were coming back to Nova Scotia, at least I would have said hello to you at the airport. Glad your trip back to Mabou was nice, and probably good to see the family.


  3. If I had known you were coming back to Nova Scotia, at least I would have said hello to you at the airport. Glad your trip back to Mabou was nice, and probably good to see the family.


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