All I want for Christmas = Segway

I imagine quite a few of you have heard about this ingenious little device for ‘human transportation’, the Segway. Although notoriously expensive, these devices are quite neat, actually running on battery power…using gyroscopes and other instruments to command the steering. Apparently, you literally lean forward, it goes forward. Lean any which way, it’ll go. Anyway, this is old news, but neat to see. I actually saw a few in Calgary while at work one day… I was amazed.

Over the last little while, I’ve been keeping up on a documentary site about Segways and seeing the countryside, These guys originally worked for ‘corporate america’, having been disgruntled with their lives decided to break free and generate documentaries and their own web publishing. So their first documentary is being filmed as they cross the US at 10mph on a Segway. Meeting people, individual stories, etc. Should be an interesting show.
It is interesting how documentaries have been revived now, due to Michael Moore’s latest works. Anyway, they have great material, and well designed as well.

6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas = Segway

  1. Just another tool to sedate the masses while hurtling average citizens (who can afford them) ever closer to mass obesity. We don’t need Segways, they’re just a fad that should not catch on.
    People are better off walking or biking. While bikes may not be as compact, at least a) you get exercise form biking, b) the batteries don’t die, and c) you don’t look absolutely foolish riding one (unless you wear bike shorts, but that’s another argument altogether)


  2. Wow, I think I will get one for MC for Christmas. It would be great for going to work and save all that gas. I am not sure how it would be going down thru Glenville during a snowstorm. She may have to leave a bit early.


  3. I was watching “Two Guys & A Computer” last Sunday, and they showed mayor Peter Kelly on one of those Segways, they’re actually the next best thing to get through the traffic here in the HRM!!


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