Pumpkin Winter


Well, its been a bit since we’ve posted on Cowpokes, both of us have been working alot…and doing things in town rather than making big trips. One day, Sheena decided to bring home a 15kg pumpkin, for our eating pleasure (in cakes and pies of course). We spent most of the morning that day cutting up the pumpkin and preparing it for freezing. I took a few pictures while we did that. Happy Halloween!

And well, this week… I’m sure you’ve heard that Alberta’s winter started fairly early. We’ve got snow in Calgary, but not nearly as much as Edmonton and the mountain ranges. Today, the snow started again, I took a quick shot of it through our computer room window. Surely makes the roads an adventure. I WISH the city would plow the side streets, but apparently, its the norm to go a whole winter without plow. Of course, they sand the roads…but plowing to clear the snow is a rareity. Dsc02647

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Winter

  1. It’s amazing that you guys got that snowfall out in Calgary, they should have plowed the streets and gotten them cleared! It would have been hard for you two to get around in the white stuff! Reminds me of this past February’s “White Juan” which hit the HRM with lots and lots of snow!


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