Cataract Creek and Highwood

Last Tuesday, we made a day-hiking trip to Highwood, one of the southern most areas of Kananaskis Country. It’s about a 140km trip from the Northwest, but a beautiful drive through Bragg Creek, Turner Valley, Black Diamond and Longview areas of Southwestern Alberta. Of course, the fall colours were in great view and it was exceptionally hot for a late September day. Our goal was to find waterfalls of course, following the Cataract Creek. The trails were pounded by horses, although we hadn’t seen any that day. As a matter of fact, the area was relatively free from other hikers, which is pleasant sometimes — escaping the busy hikes of Northern K-Country and Banff. We really liked the area actually, rolling hills, many tree’d to the top, rather than exposed peaks. Made for a jaunt similar to the Margaree or Northern Cape Breton. The creek water was exceptionally clear (and cold as Dave found out). We had a bit of a misadventure during the day, and did not find the exact falls we were looking for. However, we did find others and had a great time, taking quite a few photos.

Adding to the fun of the day and as a growing tradition, on the way home we stopped at Granny’s Pizza in Turner Valley. We stopped there before, had a great meal…and just decided to do it again. We have a feeling we’ll be ordering from there on any trips we make to south K-Country, the food is great!

We later found out that an error in the Kananaksis Country Trail Guide, Vol. 2 had lead us slightly astray for our hike, but we’ll just have to visit the area again for another attempt. Lots of rockhopping opportunities that day, we got wet and had a blast. Probably the most water crossings we’ve done in the glacier type water so far.

PS> We’ve posted more description of the hike on Seeking Waterfalls.

One thought on “Cataract Creek and Highwood

  1. The photos just keep getting better and better, you guys, I liked the one of Dave making his leap of faith! Kananaskis Country looks nice in the fall. Keep those pics coming!


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