Heart Mountain

On Sunday, Sheena and I made an afternoon hike up Heart Mountain. Heart Mountain is located just east of Canmore at Lac Des Arcs. We’ve visited the the area a few times before, often seeing the Falls at Heart Creek. This time however, we decided to go on a little scramble to reach the top. The trek is a little over 2.8 kilometres to the summit from the road — and the fun part is that it’s basically straight up and straight down. The trailhead starts at the transcanada hwy, leading you along a ridgeline to the top. Once at the top, Sheena and I ventured a little further along the ridgeline in search of a nice spot for lunch. It was a great afternoon of exercise and not 30-40 minutes from the Calgary area. We took a few photos of the trek.

2 thoughts on “Heart Mountain

  1. The pics were great, the views were stunning, and you both look good in the photos! You and Sheena seem to be enjoying the great outdoors. All is well here in Cole Harbour. I always think of you two often, and miss you a lot. I promise to get out to Calgary and visit you guys sometime!


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