Long Haul to Fossil Falls

Yesterday, I made a ‘little’ trek to Fossil Falls in Peter Lougheed Park. Usually, people pass by these falls on the way to Aster Lake, a backcountry camping spot not a couple kms from ridge at the falls. However, seeing that I’m wierd, I decided just to see it and turn around. Anyway, it was 7 and a half hours of hiking, some 21 kilometres later. This map shows some of the travel. I was actually able to see a few waterfalls in the day, including one we hadn’t quite visited in the winter. Needless to say, I’m tired today…but had alot of fun hiking. I posted some pictures here with a little commentary.

3 thoughts on “Long Haul to Fossil Falls

  1. David/Sheena: I’m really enjoying your photographs and learning all about the mountain and park regions of Alberta. Watch out for those bears–especially when you are out there alone.


  2. Wow, some more amazing pics from AB! I think you like to tempt all of us to go visit, hmmm…as long as we go where the bears are, I haven’t seen one close up yet! Love bears 🙂 Nice lunch Davey, aren’t those tomato basil wraps good, just ate one…yummy!


  3. What beautiful scenery out there, especially at Upper Kananaskis Lake, the pics were great, especially one of you where you were all wet, and thinking you were in Newfounland all day, that one’s a keeper! Love getting your updates.


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