Bachelorhood 2

DSC02372Well, Sheena’s gone home over the past week, visiting her parents in New Brunswick and our good friends in Halifax. It’s a good trip, over 12 days worth. I hear from her that she’s enjoying it thoroughly, even spending some time at her cottage. I hope to get home sometime in the late fall, no exact date yet, but hopefully then anyway.

So, my bachelorhood time has been spent working mostly…and taking care of our energetic cat (who is at the moment trying to chase the mouse cursor around the screen). Last night, we figured out a really fun game… well, for me at least.

I’ve got five days off starting tommorrow. I think I’m gonna do some good outdoors stuff. On Friday and I’ll be in Peter Lougheed park — doing a marathon hike to Fossil Falls near Kananaskis Lakes. It should be about 21 kms return, normally an overnight hike. Then on Sunday, I’ll be doing a fairly difficult hike to Burns Lake Falls on Hwy 40 or may do a bike ride through falls areas in Sheep River. Burns falls however are one of the highest falls in Alberta. Should be interesting, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

And then, Sheena’s back on the Monday…the 30th of August!

4 thoughts on “Bachelorhood 2

  1. Hi Dave & Sheena
    Visit your site often. You have a lot of wonderful pictures. I feel like I have been there with you guys! keep up the good work.
    John & Anna Marie


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