Much going on.

Well…the last couple of weeks have been busy for Sheena and I. We apologize for the short posts and just pics, but it seems that we’re having a hard time keeping up with all the stuff going on! So, we’ll post as much as we can. Work has been going well for both of us, although shift work does take some adjustment time.

We hope everyone’s summer is going well. Both of us miss the primetime Cape Breton events like the Mabou Ceilidh, Chestico Days, Granville Green concerts and square dances in West Mabou and Brook Village. And as we’ve heard, the closure of the Red Shoe Pub is unfortunate, I know many of us had great memories from that local pub.

For a list of going’s on in Inverness County, look here.

Take care and enjoy the summer.

Dave & Sheena

One thought on “Much going on.

  1. I’m still mouring the loss of the good ol’ Shoe, lets all take a moment…sniff sniff. I miss that place, good music, lots of laughs and good place to hang with buds and the Beaton clan! Would someone buy it already!!! (or give me money so I can!!)


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