More Stampede

Well, we had two days for our first stampedin fun. The first involved just checking out the Stampede grounds…and the second, we met up with a couple of friends to see some actual rodeo. It was a blast, but boy it’s expensive. It was 11 dollars entry/person, then 12 dollars/person for the afternoon rodeo show. I REALLY wanted to see the Chuckwagons race, but that would have been another 15 bucks a piece for the evening show. Next year, I’ll see it… plus, OLN usually has good coverage during the Stampede anyway.

The stampede is a huge show. There are sections that are like a fair (Bill Lynch type stuff), there’s agricultural shows with animals and all, skills competitions (blacksmithing, sheep shearing) and of course the rodeo. Not to mention oodles of music of every kind and lots of food. We had a ball, and couldn’t visit everything, there was so much. We did see a few fun things and took many pics of it, enjoy!

Mmmmm. Mini donuts.

2 thoughts on “More Stampede

  1. Yeah, those guys wear all sorts of protective gear now…that’s one thing I noticed. Many wore padded protective vests and neck supports. Nevertheless, they’re still tough as nails to get in the ring with those animals…


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