The greatest outdoor show on earth

DSC01821DSC01819I guess we’ll find out! Today was the beginning of the the Calgary Stampede. It runs for nine days in July and the city is filled with cowboys, cowgirls, hats, belt buckles, jeans, boots and of course, horses. The Stampede was officially kicked off today with a huge parade, with over 400,000 people in attendance. Over the next weekend, Sheena and I are going to go and see the races and rodeos, listen to a little music and try the food. We’ll be sure to take pictures of course, and tell the stories of our visits to the grounds.

I’ll leave you with a few fun pics of our new purchases for the events, cowboy hats!

8 thoughts on “The greatest outdoor show on earth

  1. I am so impressed. Seriously. I don’t know how you do it. If it was me, I’d probably fail. It looks so difficult…
    Of course I’m talking about remaining vertical while wearing that huge belt buckle.
    What’s the matter, are you worried someone is going to shoot you right in the navel? Perhaps it could be used as an umbrella in case of rain, or a shield if you are attacked by men bearing bows and arrows.
    And regarding the hats, its funny that you never bought sou’westers while living in Nova Scotia. Big oil fumes must be affecting your judgement 😉


  2. And…the winner for the longest comment ever in the history of the internet… KRIS!
    But, I must contest your assertions about our hats. Are there any festivals in NS where sou’westers are the theme? I think not, kilts perhaps, but not sou’westers. People do wear kilts all over Nova Scotia…I’d contend that wearing jeans, hats and boots are the equivalent in the wild west of Alberta, and especially at Stampede. But, I could be wrong… =)


  3. You and Sheena look great in your western duds! Especially you, Dave, with the big belt buckle, it will certainly get a lot of attention!! Enjoy yourselves at the Stampede!!


  4. I scroll all the way to the bottom of that picture– past the hat, the shirt, the belt buckle– only to find out you’re wearing shoes!?! Where are the boots, pardner?


  5. We officially lost you to the dark side Dave. I’m afraid if you both went thru with the ‘boy boots there’s no turning back….


  6. If Dave turned back now, I’m pretty sure it would just be to doe-see-doe, then turn around again and swing his parter round and round!


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