Sheep River Park 2

Yesterday, Sheena and I re-visited Sheep River Provinical Park. What an excellent time. Our main goal was the ‘Main Valley trail’ located at the end of a the main road in the park. The park is in southeast Kananaskis Country, as you know, probably one of our favorite places to visit. We headed off a bit later than usual and started on our trip after a bit of a busted bike tire fiasco. No word of that for now. =)

Sheep River is such a nice place…and as we got into the Turner Valley area (the closest major town), we began to realize how much the area reminded us of Cape Breton. Rolling green hills, grassland, trees, and farmland…we certainly felt like we had struck gold. And plus, with JP Cormier blastin on our cdplayer, we could almost just imagine we were at home.

Anyway, to the end of the road we went…passing many free range cattle grazing areas. Along the way, we stopped at a few waterfalls just off the road, as if we wouldn’t see enough in the day! We were highly impressed by Sheep falls…such a beautiful spot, despite the short hike.

We began our little trek (it was about 14kms) with a river crossing at Sheep River. Holy. The water was cold, rushing fast and fairly trecherous. We were certainly glad to be done with it (until we returned), and biked hard to warm up. As seen in our photos, the trail was beautiful and a fun ride for most of the way. We ditched our bikes near the site of an old saw mill, knowing that the trail would be fairly difficult for bikes from here on. We saw many falls along the trail..and stopped for lunch at a neat intersection of three creeks. There was a waterfall at each creek, making for some neat exploring. Sheena was waterbound again, not seeming to mind the cold water after our first river crossing.

Later in the day, we’d find our destination… Three Tier Falls. Probably one of the most scenic falls we’ve seen (other than a few in Nova Scotia)and we were delighted. Each level had a great swimming hole…(good reason for us to get wetsuits!), if only we could have enjoyed them. We milled around a fair bit and I climbed to the top and middle of the falls, alot of fun. Sensing the day was leaving us, we ate a few watermelon pieces and made our trek home. It was a quicker trip than the way in…but still held the dreaded river crossing at the end. In three trips across, I only really stumbled once and got VERY wet, but nevertheless, it was a good challenge. Note to self: bushwacking to a less trecherous spot might be warranted!

Anyhow, we warmed up in the car and took many pics of the CapeBreton-esque landscape. A couple plates of Calzones later at Granny’s Pizza in Turner Valley and our day was complete.

Honestly, we liked the area so much, we may consider moving nearby when we decide (er, can) buy a house. Some really good spots are only 40 kms from Calgary, just about the same as cities and towns north of Calgary that we had been interested in earlier in the year such as Airdrie, Crossfield and Irricana. From Turner Valley to South Calgary is about a 30 minute drive, made easier by well-paved two and four lane highways. It’s all something for us to think about while waiting for the school bus (as Sheena says).

One thought on “Sheep River Park 2

  1. Looks like you two had a wonderful outing, despite crossing the river twice, and getting wet, too!! Keep those pictures coming, I really enjoy seeing them! Miss ya both!!


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