Beaches in Alberta?



Last week, Sheena and I visited one of the few beaches in Alberta. Ah yes, Sylvan Lake is an interesting spot, located aproximately 20 minutes west of Red Deer and about an hour and a half drive from home base in Calgary. Sylvan Lake is a neat little town, most definately resemblant of Shediac or other touristy towns for beach areas. The beach spans Sylvan Lake’s southern shore. When we visited, it was during the week. But quite busy at that time. The lake water was fairly shallow, but clear as day. And finally, the water was warm enough for us to swim…quite fun, seeing that most of our fun has been in the cold cold mountain/glacier water areas. It was nice to sit on the beach though, enjoying the sun. We checked out a farmer’s market nearby (which Sheena thoroughly enjoyed) and the main strip of the town. The place had tons of ice cream shops, I don’t know how we didn’t stop at all of them. =) Sylvan Lake was alot of fun…we’ll have to go back during the summer. Perhaps even camp!

We noticed a few sandcastles being made, so we took some pictures (above).

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