Drumheller: Biking, cacti and desert!

mapLast Sunday, Sheena and I made a day trip to Drumheller, which is about 130kms northeast of Calgary.  Drumheller is a very unique place in Alberta, with grand canyon type landscape, cut into the prairie.  The canyons and rock formations are so unique, they almost look unreal.  Drumheller has also a desert type climate and terrain, full of cacti, dry caked mud and other grasses unique to the area.  It is a world reknown hot bed for fossils and palaeontology and home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  We had outdoor activity in mind, so we weren’t able to stop at the museum on this trip.  However, from what we saw, it is HUGE and nestled within the canyon formations just outside of Drumheller.

So, with biking in mind — I had seen some neat mountain biking trails on a few tv programs and wanted to check them out.  After a short visit to the info centre in Drumheller, we headed to Horsethief Canyon, a spot for hikers, bikers and the like.  To our surprise, we barely saw any people at the canyon when we arrived and throughout the day.  Occasionally, you’d see some people hiking in the distance, but for the most part, Sheena and I explored the canyon enclaves on our own.  There  were certainly lots of birds, gophers and cacti!  I’ve never seen any in Canada before, so that was quite a treat.

We spend a few hours exploring the canyon walls, prairie floor and a few other treats along the way.  Near the end of our day, we decided to cool off and find some shade near the Red Deer River bank.  We waded for a while in the water, enjoying cooling off from the day’s hot sun.   After lunch and resting up, we made our trek back to the car, which involved a fair bit of hiking up some steep slopes.  Nevertheless, it was a fun day..and a good break from the big city.

One thought on “Drumheller: Biking, cacti and desert!

  1. Enjoyed your photos of Drumheller. I wish I were teaching my Physical Geography course this year. Your pictures would have come in handy!


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