Flying Solo to Victoria

….A Word From the Beach
Heaven is a place on earth for some; for me it’s the smell of the salt air and the tickle of the waves at your feet. With all its glory the ocean is my home, my inspiration, the keeper of my heart. Upon my return to its mighty shores I am reminded of the reasons I hold it so close.

A person doesn’t realize how uplifting the smell of salt air can be. It is the wonder of the ocean that awakens the senses and brings everything to life; It is the renewal of an otherwise distant soul; It is the moment of freedom we are all seeking; It is the beauty we portray from day to day; All of this from a mere glance. As I sit listening to the soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore I am flooded with memories of carefree sunny days; days that were filled with picking berries, climbing on rocks, and playing in cool sand. I look to the night sky and can almost hear the waves…find that star on a blackened beach and let the moonlight guide you through the water. My anchor has dropped inland, my freedom suffocated by towering mountains…some day I will make my way back to the open waters never again to roam from its shore.


I landed in Victoria on April 5th at 3:45pm. From the moment I got off the plane I was overcome with joy and excitement. My anticipation of seeing my sister Sabrina was more then I could bare. I hopped on a shuttle to downtown Victoria, gave the driver my destination, and then we were off! The scenery on the drive from the airport was breathtaking. Flowers combined with fields of rich green grass filled my sight. I couldn’t beleive I was seeing such beauty….in April!!! With my excitement I proudly told the driver that the James Bay Inn was a better spot for me to be dropped off at. Of course when I got there I realized that I had not brought the explicit directions my sister had given me, and the street I was hoping to be on was nowhere in sight. So there I was stranded in a strange city with no inclination of where I was to go.

Luckily I had brought my trusty cell phone (for just these occasions). Sabrina and Doug just laughed at what they called a "typical Sheena move". Before long I saw the shaved head of my brother in law peeking over the shrubs and I knew that my dear sister was close at hand. Our embrace was one I will never forget…mainly because she practically broke my jaw with her squeeze! The tears welling up in my eyes weren’t sure if they were there for happiness or utter pain! It was a great reunion! We walked back to their apartment in a cloud of chatter and laughter…the trip was worth it just for that moment. It was within the first five minutes that I realized it felt like we had never been apart.

The days that followed were relaxing and peaceful; something I was really looking forward to. Sabrina and Doug went to work while I lounged around and enjoyed the ocean and all its wildflowers. Everyday at 12:30pm I would meet Sabrina at the Legislature building for lunch. This was a great 10 minute walk that took me down the "pink street"…I just call it that because either side of the road is lined with pink blossoms. I learned quickly that being a pedestrian in Victoria was almost as dangerous as being a motorist in Calgary. Everywhere you turned there were motorized wheel chairs being driven by their not so young owners. I even witnessed one dear lady having a "driving lesson" on the sidewalk! (this is the part where I laugh…ha!ha!ha!)

By Friday I was ready for some adventure. Sabrina and Doug would be off now until Tuesday when I returned home to my love. Friday was spent shopping with Sabrina, something we had not done in quite a long time. We strolled around the downtown area not forgetting the most important purchase….ice cream!

The following day found us "up island" (as they say) and headed for a place called Cathedral Grove. This park is home to some of the oldest trees in North America! It was beautiful! I had never seen such wonders, nor had I ever had so much fun playing in the woods:) My initial instinct was to walk on every fallen tree there was…which you could have done throughout the whole forest without once coming to the ground. However Doug likes to follow signs (which asked us not to go outside the fenced in area) and so I was only able to walk on a few. Kris you would have loved it!

After Cathedral Grove we went to Little Qualicum Falls where we learned that "little" in B.C terms is actually quite large and plentiful. The upper Falls consisted of about four different falls one after the other, and the lower falls had three to its name. I was overwhelmed with its beauty! The falls were in a deep canyon that you could not get down to; this is where a kayak would really come in handy!
Sunday was spent between the beach, beacon hill park, and Liz and Tim’s. The beach was gorgeous and warm, but the picnic in Beacon Hill Park was pituresque. We laid our blanket down under the branches of a tree covered in pink blossoms. We sat there stuffing our faces while people watching and squirrel feeding. Yes I did the ultimate "faut pas" and fed a squirrel in the park. He was too cute and very friendly…I couldn’t say no. He ate right out of my hand! I am sure one day he will look back and think of me as the girl who gave him French Onion Sun Chips:)

Later in the evening we headed out to Liz and Tim’s where we had been invited to attend Easter dinner. How wonderful of these people to invite a complete stranger to their table! We had a great night talking and laughing. I even made new friends…and we all know how exciting that can be:) It was a great end to a perfect day.

The following two days were made up of Rest and Relaxation! Just what the doctor ordered. My visit quickly drew to an end on Tuesday evening when I boarded that 747 back to Calgary. My perfect ending that night?? The Flames demolished the Canucks 4-0. Thankyou for flying Air Sheena!

3 thoughts on “Flying Solo to Victoria

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip to Victoria. Always wanted to see those grand trees of BC, looks so beautiful. Karen and I knew that you and Sab would have a good reunion, after all that first weekend at AC (when we first met), you two were only apart for two months and jumped around when you met up, so cute! I’ll make sure Mom and Dad bottle up some sea water for you to take on there visit to Calgary! 🙂


  2. I miss you and Sabrina a lot! I’m sure you guys had an awesome time!! I did what you sad Sheens and I checked out the pictures!! They are very cute!!! Don’t forget about us on the East coast though too!! I can’t wait until you two come home for a visit!!!! Love you!!!


  3. Glad you two had a great visit together! Victoria looks absolutely beautiful! The pictures were so great. I loved seeing both of you up close in those photos. I miss you both so much! You both look great and very happy! Can’t wait for our reunion sometime in the near future! Take care! Pace!


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