Easter, bachelorhood and more moves!

Happy Easter to everyone. It’s been a while since Sheena and I have posted on Celtic Cowpokes and we’ve not meant to neglect it at all! However, it seems that we’ve both been incredibly busy with work lately. Myself, I’m close to graduation — only one month to go of training. Things have been going great, I found out last week that I’m going to be working the Northwest of Calgary. Calgary’s Northwest is home to U of C, the Stampeder’s home stadium and many residential neighbourhoods. It should be quite a good place to work.

We’re also moving to the Northwest at the end of this month. I’ll be only a km from work — which will be excellent again! The past six months have been really easy travelling to work, living downtown and all. But, the downtown area kinda wears on a person — very busy with trains, cars and traffic; lots of sirens and a fair bit of undesirables at least in the area that we’re currently living. Moving to the northwest will be about a 15-20 km drive from where we are now, and fairly suburban. Living downtown has certainly been an experience. I’ve seen my fair share of police takedowns from our high perch in the apartment building — and countless fire trucks and ambulances. I swear, every Saturday morning, the fire trucks from downtown must meet on 8th Avenue for training or something. You see 10-15 trucks on the street, sirens and all, but no fire in sight. Can’t explain it. Anyway, a silent night’s sleep is only a month away! We’re both pretty happy.

And as of this moment, Sheena is in Victoria. Actually, she’s been there for a few days now. She’s called a few times, and is certainly enjoying her visit with her sister. They’d actually gone a year without seeing each other! But now, they’re basking in the ocean sun, probably tanning away. And me? Well, not much right now. Watched a few movies, relaxed for a while — tommorrow, I’m heading to Kananaskis for some much needed hiking. I figure I’ll blast a few trails — enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Sheena will certainly be posting some pictures and stories from her adventures in seaside Victoria, those should be interesting to see. I’ll post a few from my visits to Kananaskis tommorrow.

Take care and happy egg hunting!

2 thoughts on “Easter, bachelorhood and more moves!

  1. Easter greetings to you, Dave, buddy, just read that you’re going to graduate in another month, way to go, bro! I knew you’d do it! Moving to the northwest part of Calgary sounds wonderful, it will be a lot quieter than the hustle and bustle of downtown. On your next posting, could you provide me with your new address? Bye for now, you two, have a good week!


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