East coast on the Prairie

Sheena and I have had a busy week with work, whether studying for training tests — or working night-shift, we haven’t had a whole lot of time for relaxation.   

However, I felt it necessary to mention a place that I did visit last night…and a few other times since we arrived in November.  Having moved from Halifax, probably one of the better places for bars in Canada (other than St. John’s of course), locating a spot for some good music and brew is a hard find out here.  Sure, there’s oodles of country bars around — and most of them have pretty good bands.  The atmospheres are of course different though and the ones I was at — wearing a fleese jacket, jeans and ball cap kinda stands out amongst the cowboy boots, big belt buckles, GWG jeans and eclectic cowboy hats.  You can get a beer, but it just doesn’t have that Atlantic feel. 

Well, a few months ago…after the suggestion fron a friend at work, I decided to check out an ‘East Coast’ bar that I only had heard rumors about.  It’s called The Atlantic Trap and Gill.  Located in an industrial part of town, you wouldn’t think it was very welcoming solely judging a book by its cover (or location!).  However, after inside, you really get a feel for the place.  It reminds me a bit of the  Alehouse, Lower Deck and Maxwell’s Plum (minus the peanuts).  The music is fairly good actually, last night was a newfoundland band — who played a fair bit of Great Big Sea, the Fables and other accordian type music.    Plus, it’s the only place in town where you can get Olands, Keiths and Schooner on tap. =)  Certainly not an elegant bar like the others around downtown where we live (the supposed ‘Irish’ bars).  But, there’s just something about long tables, benches and foot stompin that I like.  Whenever we wanna get a bit Maritimes back in us, even for a couple of hours, we head down there for some music.

So, hopefully the curfews are over in Halifax…and the roads/streets and living will return to normal.  Us, we’re in the neverending sunshine of Calgary, just hoping for a little weather system to change things up a bit.  Safe driving to all…. and get back to work! =)

Addendum: Calgary’s Trap and Gill: http://www.atlantictrapandgill.com/

3 thoughts on “East coast on the Prairie

  1. Sounds like you found a good place to have some East Coast fun! When I found a ‘pub’ in Korea that served Molson Canadian (it ain’t no Keiths but better than Korean beer) I was in Heaven! The ‘Stoneybrook Sisters’ are heading out this weekend (Ale House?), so we’ll have a drink (or two) for you and Sheen. Keep those feet stompin’ and please don’t start wearing big belt buckles!!! Love ya, Weins 🙂


  2. Hi David and Sheena: I’m enjoying all the detailed accounts of your hiking trips, the photos and the maps. Keep up the good reports… and of course the trips.


  3. Sounds like you found the right East Coast bar in Calgary, guys!! You two must be working your tails off there, with no time for relaxation, it’s just rush, rush, rush! The snow is all cleared here in the HRM, so all is normal! Miss you two!!


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