Kananaskis Valley

On Sunday, Sheena and I made an afternoon trip to the Kananaskis valley area, for a short snowshoe hike.  It was certainly a great day for hiking, despite the -35 weather.  A clear day for the most part and crusty snow, making for good woods walking and traversing. 

First off, we visited Troll Falls located near a downhill skiing area.  The trails were mostly for cross-country skiing, but we made our tracks anyway.  The falls were quaint, but very neat — as they had frozen almost completely over.  We took a few minutes to scramble all over the ice — eventually noticing a small venting hole in the ice — the water was warmer than the air and made a steam hole exposing the rushing water beneath.

After an hour and a half, we returned to the car and scouted out our next adventure to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  We plan on returning this weekend with company and hiking around the Kananaskis Lakes.  For now, we checked out the start of the hike — at the dam bridging the upper and lower lakes.  Apparently, hiking around the lakes makes for a great day and as you might notice, the surroundings are spectacular.  While we were there, it started snowing a fair bit, that’s when we decided to begin our return trip to Calgary.  Overall, Peter Lougheed looks like a great spot to explore and it’s only an hour and a quarter from the city.  Let’s hope it warms up for next weekend. 

3 thoughts on “Kananaskis Valley

  1. Hey guys! I’ve been checking out your blog periodically, figured it was time to check in and say hi… looks like you’ve been having some good experiences living in a new place — I can certainly relate to that! Do me a favour and link to my blog — your links aren’t complete without it… 🙂


  2. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time in Kananaskis, the scenery must have been breathtaking, wish I was there to share it with you, have a great weekend!


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