Runnin to Red Deer

On Saturday, Sheena and I decided to make a day trip to Red Deer.  Red Deer is a city of 72,000 people, just about the same size as Truro I’d imagine.  It’s about an hour and a bit north of us, nestled between Edmonton and Calgary and home to Ron McLean of CBC, the Red Deer Rebels and Red Deer College.  Red Deer is a really quaint spot, more like a town than a city.  There are a few places where you just get that small town feel, quite a nice change from the busy downtown area where we currently live.  (Honestly, we’re thinking of moving when our lease is up — heading to a more residential area of Calgary.  It’ll depend on where I’ll be working as well.)

Anyway, the day was pretty interesting.  We started off with a scenic drive through rolling prairie, passing Didsbury, where Sheena works and Innisfail, current home to the RCMP police dog training centre.  We caught a gimpse of the centre on the way — pretty neat spot.  I’ll have to come back and check that out sometime. 

On our first excursion, we headed to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.  Sheena had taken her youth group earlier in the week and wanted to take me there for the fun  as well.  The attraction is the cool interactive games. You can shoot pucks, throw baseballs, ski and wheel chair race.  Needless to say, we had a ball (and a puck and a ski…).

After that, we decided to eat lunch at a local restaurant and then check out a movie… a cheap movie!  Movies at the Carnival Theatre are only $2.00… some of them are a couple of months since original release, but still good anyway.  We saw Paycheck, the screens were small….probably better sound in the Sony Store, but.. who cares eh? A good time without spending a paycheck.  Btw: as comparison, movies in Calgary can cost you 9-12 dollars for a matinee.  Crazy!

By far the best part of the day was when we went skating at Bower Ponds.  (I believe it’s the same outdoor rink area that was used during the anniversary hockey game — 24 hour marathon.)  Basically, its a group of ponds that are interconnected and after cleared of snow, you can skate to your heart’s delight.  The coolest part (or I should say warmest) was the neat firepit on a small island.  You could skate right up to the fire…warm up, then continue skating.  We were pretty much on our own for the couple hours we were there, such a nice time.  Good oldies music and marshmallows.  We even got a chance to play with a dog who was venturing on the ice….playing fetch on ice is ALOT of fun. 

Muchly impressed, we’ll probably be heading to Red Deer again sometime… and hoping to live in a similar smaller town spot sometime in the next few years, just a bit closer to Calgary of course. 

2 thoughts on “Runnin to Red Deer

  1. Hey Dave and Sheens! Its so good to read the updates and see your cute faces!! Love the pics. Sounds like Red Deer is a fun place to escape to. You’re very punny Dave (just like Dad). Love ya both! Weins 🙂


  2. Sometimes, after a person has been shot, say in the leg while chasing a sandwich thief, they have to ride around in a wheelchair while recovering. It’s good to see you are practicing Dave.
    Also, I agree with the president, you are punny.


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