Nose Hill

Sheena and I decided to go for a midday walk at Nose Hill today, just before she headed off to work.  Nose Hill is located in the northwestern part of Calgary, but is probably visible from anywhere north of downtown.  The park is huge, covering almost 2700 acres and is a protected area for wildlife and vegetation.  I’m told that the vegetation is most representative of what the original prairie was like a couple hundred years ago, before settlement.  The name of Nose Hill, I heard from a wise tour guide at the Glenbow museum.  If my memory serves me correctly, he told a story how two women were exiled to Nose Hill, after having their noses cut off for punishment of a crime.  However, despite the history of the name, Nose Hill is a beautiful spot.  Now home to wildlife (yes in the city!) and hikers, runners and walkers, the park has many paths that skirt the grassy knolls and scattered tree life.

As ourpictures show, the view from the hilltops is great and gives you a good look at flat prairie land.  You can also see the city’s smog, quite visible just below the cloud line. 😦 

Sheena and I hiked around for about an hour, enjoying the paths and grassland.  I plan on checking out the possibility of coming back with my mountain bike.  It’s afterall, only a 20 minute ride or so from downtown.  Its great to have such a large park in the middle of an expanding city and if not for the occasional noise of traffic, you’d swear you were strolling on open foothill and prairie land.

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