Congrats to Brennan and Sandra!

Just wanted to wish congrats to Brennan and Sandra on their wedding day tommorrow. We know the families will be having a big time party in Cregnish, Hawkesbury, Mabou and everywhere in between. Wish we could be there, it would definately be a great time. All the best to the new Beaton family, may you have lifelong health and happiness!

Dave and Sheena

4 thoughts on “Congrats to Brennan and Sandra!

  1. Big parties are a great part of weddings, having all your friends and family all together celebrating your commitment to each other. If ever there’s a party I would like to attend, it’d be a big one like that. Too bad nobody I know is getting married anytime soon…


  2. hey fellow cowpokes !
    nice website… it is good to see some fellow easterners having a good time out west !!
    can’t wait to hook up with you guys again !
    love ya


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