Skating in Olympic Plaza

Last Sunday David and I ventured out into the night with skates in tow. We headed for city hall where we had a pretty good suspicion that there was an outdoor skating rink. Sure enough we were right! It was beautiful. We walked through this stone archway only to enter a type of amphi-theater with coloured ice in the middle of it. Yes I said colored. There were mini lights underneath the ice that changed colour in sync with squiggle lights that were mounted on the surrounding buildings. It was beautiful and bright.

The air was chilly but there was something very serene about skating outside in the fresh air. They had speakers set up around the ice playing Calgary’s newest radio station (Jack FM) and evergreens with twinkle lights on them surrounding the ice. It reminded me of a scene from a movie filmed in New York City during christmas time:) Very romantic and lots of fun.

Now that we have found this place we fully intend to return as often as possible. Although the battery was dying in the camera and only a few pictures were taken. But don’t worry next time we will flood you with pictures!


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