Beautiful Banff

A couple of weeks ago, we made a day trip to Banff and Cochrane.  Banff is about an hour drive from Calgary, not much of a trek.  (Mind you, right now it would be bad — there’s quite a storm in the mountains at the moment.) The trip to Banff was more of a sightseeing trip, rather than a big hiking adventure or anything.  Just a scouting mission for now, I think I got Sheena hooked.  Here’s the album of our little trip.

Cochrane is along the way, only about 35 minutes from downtown Calgary, but very much a good ‘ol prairie town.  We drove around for a bit, just checking out the sights.  If we decide to move out of the city, it will probably be to the Cochrane area.  It’s such a nice spot, nestled around the Bow River, close to Calgary, yet with a population of only 12,000 or so.  Sheena could certainly have her ranchland in the area and I could bust it down the highway to work.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Banff

  1. Hi Guys:
    Cool to see pics of Banff and Cochrane in the winter, I’ve only been there in the summer. Next time you go, and given Sheena’s love for ice cream, I strongly suggest you go to a locally famous home made ice cream shop in Cochrane. It might be called Connors (or something close to that name) after the family who may still own the business. I remember many summers as a kid visiting family who have lived all over Albterta. It was always a treat to escape the dry heat, which was foreign to us Maritimers, by heading to the mountains to take a chilly dip into a glacier lake and then pig out on some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted!
    Bon apetit!


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