As of tomorrow morning at precisely 8:30am David and I will be the new proud owners of OUR STUFF!!! Thank the lord! After living out here for two weeks with the bare minimum, we will never again take anything for granted.

I will kiss the microwave, and cradle my bake ware,
I will shrine our bed and tell it how much we care!
I’ll kiss the ground that our pots will soon sit on,
And hug the end tables that our phone will soon sit upon.
There will be much celebration and much to do,
for christmas is near and I have baking to do!

Our cupboards will be full and our storage we will use,
We have so much space it will be hard to chose!
Knick knacks and fluff will soon fill the air,
And David will smile and pretend not to care.
But when temperatures drop and chattering teeth do appear,
David will care when we have our quilts near!

Posted by Sheena

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