Welcome to Calgary!

Hello everyone and welcome to Calgary, home of the cowboys and the great japanese cuisine! David and I landed safely yet very tired, however that did not stop us from exploring right away. We had a beautiful flight over the Canadian landscape. This was my first time flying so I was glad to have the gift of a clear sky.

Our first few days were completely filled with shopping and exploring. This was mainly because we would have rathered pluck our nose hairs out then to spend one minute extra sitting on the floor of our empty apartment. Fortunately with all that shopping we managed to fill the apartment with a couch and chair and a small dinner table with four chairs. It is amazing how these four small items really made the place liveable. We can now sit in our living room and remain calm, with no sighs of boredom at all:)

One of the neat things we have discovered here in Calgary is the LRT or the C-train. It is a train that runs through the downtown area and then spreads out to the SE, NE, NW, or SW, depending on the train you are on. It is so very convenient that David and I have found ourselves spending our days riding the rails. The best part of it is that there is a free fare zone through the downtown core. This free fare zone starts at our street and ends at Davids work place (the police station). Thus he can roll out of bed, hop on the train, and be at work in about three minutes! The LRT is fast, efficient, and super convenient!

Our next big discovery was the +15 walkway. This is a complex entourage of pedways and buildings that encompass the entire downtown area. Basically one could walk from 1st Avenue to 10th avenue and then from 1st street to 10 street without ever stepping a foot outside. Why is this so important you may ask? Because the weather in Calgary reminds me of the frigid north! I think Santa Clause was born here! Also my theory on why this intricate ped way sytem is called the +15 is because where it might be -20 outside, it will always be +15 in the walkway:)

Asian culture makes up about 80% of our apartment building and probably about 50% of the population in Calgary. It is something I have never witnessed before, and it amazes me. The integration of Asian culture in a western city is strangely normal. Everything just seems to fit. The western stores selling their big belt buckels and their fancy cow boy hats seem to blend in with the Asian stores surrounding it. Like the phenomenom of Calgary’s china town and all of it’s hidden treasures nestled in the south west part of the city, surrounded by towering sky scrapers and busy streets. In the middle of the little town lies the largest Empire Cineplex I have ever seen, where I sit now writing this letter to you all. Once again I see how the two cultures have merged and almost become a culture in its own.

David and I live right down town in an apartment building I could have seen from the plane. It is a towering building with 41 floors, a pool, a gym, and a common room for tenants to “get together”. Every morning we wake up on our 22nd floor apartment and say goodmorning to the Rocky Mountains. What a beautiful sight in the early morning hours. During the day our apartment is flooded with natural light from sunbeams shining through eight of our ten windows. Although it is older, we are happy with it. It suits us as we hope to suit it.

Okay well that is about it for now. Tomorrow we hope to get our digital camera, and with that will come more stories and many pictures! Can’t wait to show you our new city! Take care everyone and God bless you all on this 2003 Remembrance Day.

Posted by Sheena

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Calgary!

  1. Greetings & Salutations
    Loved your newsletter, great stuff.
    We really had a blast at your party, it was great to be with all the people. It sounds that you are fitting in your new digs quite well, that is wonderful that you are off to a great start. We are proud of you both. We will be watching for up dates and photographs. keep in touch. Best regards
    John & Anna Marie


  2. Hi Guys: Really loved your e-mail, sounds like you’ve had a great experience, when you mentioned the Chickenburger, I just had to laugh, my mother happens to know the couple who own it. I’ll certainly make a note of loonie Saturdays on Jetsgo, sounds like a bargain hunter’s dream on Saturdays. How’s work going, Dave? And what’s up with you, Sheena? Can’t wait to get your e-mail, so we can start sending messages. Hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Thomas


  3. Hey guys, good to hear how it’s going.
    It was a nice suprise hearing you on messenger too.
    Calgary sounds like a great city, if I get my posting to Cold Lake I’ll have to come down for a bit.


  4. Hey Davey and Sheens! Love the site and the pics! Its so good to hear what is going on with my two fav people! Christmas may be a bit odd this year but just think of the memories you will make. My xmas in Korea sure was different (man I missed the dinner at Johnney and Marion’s) but it was all an experience! The little things, like a small fake tree and an inch of snow, make it grand when away from home! Just remember that we all love you (and miss you very very much)!! Love ya, Laurena 🙂


  5. Love your site guys! I wish I had a great Charlie Brown x-mas tree like yours! It’s perfect! This is a great way to let everyone keep in touch with you. We all miss you lots and look forward to your recent news! THanks for keeping us updated. Love you both, Karen xoxxo


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