Last days in Cape Breton

Before we left Nova Scotia, we had a chance to drive down to Cape Breton and visit with family. We only had a couple of days, but we had quite a bit of fun. On Tuesday night,my mom planned a big bash for Sheena and I — and my sister who just returned from Korea. We hadn’t had much of a wedding party for anyone in Cape Breton, so the party had a triple purpose — happy marriage, happy going away and happy return!

So, for a day and a bit — everyone prepared for the party — Mom made a huge scoff, with lasagna and chicken casserole and the day before, we had raided the local hall for chairs and plates. Mom worked really hard baking for everyone, we appreciated it.

When the time came, about 45 people attended from both Mom and Dad’s families — cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters.. it was a good time. The house was VERY packed, but it was quite enjoyable…and cozy really. A few even got up to step dance during the night. So after lots of good eats and drink — we said our goodbyes and recieved many ‘good lucks’ for the days (and years) ahead. We were grateful to everyone who came and thank everyone for the many gifts. We’ll be sure to send our family pictures while we’re in Calgary. Cheers and westwardbound!

Oh, we’re going to post pictures once we get our computers set up in Calgary. For now, here’s the first one we had a chance to upload before we headed out.

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