Moving day is Near!

We’re getting closer to the big day. The family’s all up today, picking up my sister who’s also returning from Korea. We’re making a trip down to Cape Breton for a bit of a going away and wedding party with family — everyone’s going to gather at Mom and Dad’s. It’ll be small, but wow, we’re excited to see everyone before the big trip to Calgary.

Last night, we were able to take in a few final sights of Halifax with Kris and Matt. First, we headed out to the Chicken Burger and enjoyed a few good meals. Sheena and I went nuts with the cool jukebox they have there, listenin to Elvis and Johnny Cash. Good stuff! I’d recommend the restaurant/eatery for anyone wishing to see a piece of history in Halifax (its been around since the fifties). Not much for meals, but atmosphere makes up for it.

Afterwards, we took the long way to Peggy’s Cove (thru Tantallon) and stopped by one of our geocaches just past the tourist area. We had also hoped to check out some of the Northern Lights, but weren’t so lucky. Instead, we hiked the couple kms to the seaside and explored the rocks. Sheena, Kris and Matt had a ball while I scoped the stars for a while. It was a great night, certainly a good sendoff for us and our friends.

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